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Stream Data Centers talks Cybersecurity with Pipeline Magazine

Stream Data Centers talks Cybersecurity with Pipeline Magazine
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Stewart Collier, Stream’s Managing Director of Critical Environments, recently detailed his thoughts for Pipeline Magazine on what we refer to as our holistic approach to cybersecurity. As 2019 gets fully underway, enterprises across America are eager to start deploying a host of new technologies including IoT devices and AI-based applications. Amid this buzz, Stewart’s article provides a reality-check, reminding everyone that most data breaches are due to shortfalls in the development and enforcement of layered security processes and protocols.

According to Verizon’s 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report, 58% of data breach victims are small businesses whose cybersecurity vulnerabilities are exploited by automated attacks designed to probe at random. Many enterprises buy into the myth that buying and installing software like antivirus programs or machine learning platforms can keep them safe. Unfortunately for them, this couldn’t be further from the truth: software is but a tool to support a comprehensive cybersecurity plan. From our perspective, a strong cybersecurity strategy must revolve around establishing the right combination of physical protection, quality assurance, regulatory compliance and client buy-in to overcome present and future cyber dangers.

In this article, Stewart examines the following topics:

  • Common gaps in enterprise cybersecurity practices
  • How to approach the resolution of cybersecurity weaknesses
  • Emerging trends in cybersecurity and what enterprises need to watch out for in the future

With the rise of IoT-capable devices, data processing and storage is increasingly moving away from large, central facilities and closer to the edge. In order to protect their customers’ data appropriately, edge data center operators will need to ensure that these smaller, more easily-accessible areas are strongly secured with standardized processes across multiple environments. Currently, this remains a challenge, especially since today’s IoT devices encompass such a diverse set of use cases that it is difficult to track and predict potential threats.

We invite you to read Stewart’s article and reach out to us with any questions about cybersecurity practices and how we can help protect your mission-critical data from breaches. At Stream, we are both a provider of Critical Environments Services and data center space with a proven track record of employing multi-layered, stringent cybersecurity protocols and complying with the best in global standards. Adopting a holistic approach to your security strategy is the best way to protect your valuable enterprise data.

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