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Supporting Security: Doing Our Part in an Evolving Security Landscape

Supporting Security: Doing Our Part in an Evolving Security Landscape

At Stream, our people and communities mean everything to us. As a company, we don’t react differently than any individual would when they love something — we want to protect it. However, as threats diversify, the question of security and how to keep the things we love safe (whether it’s people, places, things or data) is becoming more and more complicated. 

When the world becomes concerned over its security, it’s organizations like ASIS that are there to answer the call and provide reassurance. Founded in 1955, ASIS International started as an organization intended to cater to private security specialists. The group was formed to bring together security practitioners from across industries and drive standardization within a sphere that was carving its niche in a changing and demanding global market. 

Today, ASIS is the world’s largest membership organization for security management professionals, and it gives back to the global security community through events like LEAN — Law Enforcement Appreciation night. This event seeks to honor the brave men and women of law enforcement, help raise money for related charities and empower law enforcement and private business communities to liaise.  

But…what’s a data center got to do with it? 

Well, events like LEAN and organizations like ASIS speak to the strength, unity and importance of the global security community at large.The idea of security, despite manifesting differently for the public versus business IT, is founded on a set of common goals and practices, all of which are becoming vital to the health and wellness of communities, businesses and data workloads alike. Supporting global efforts to understand new threats, identifying the most innovative and secure solutions and sharing that knowledge and appreciation for the work being done is worth everyone’s while.  

This is why at Stream, we’re proud to be a part of this worldwide security ecosystem by supporting it through repeated LEAN sponsorships — and helping our clients benefit from that resource as well by having leading, highly experienced professionals like Chris Miller on board. 

Chris Miller is both our Director of Corporate Security and the Vice Chair of ASIS’s North Texas Chapter. What do we love about Chris? Well, whether you want to know the best travel safety tips or the best way to create layered security and compliance for a mission-critical data center deployment — he’s your guy. He’s like the master of safe keeping, and he’s part of what helps us turn our care for our customers into real strategies and successes. 

As a CPP (Certified Protection Professional), Chris holds one of the highest certifications available in private security. This CPP certification is globally recognized, essentially serving as a Masters’ degree in security management and underscoring a deep understanding of current best practices, business principles, crisis management protocols, information security and more. Having been involved with ASIS for 25 years, it’s Chris’s in-depth knowledge that helps us empower our tenants with bespoke security solutions and the utmost peace of mind. 


So, why does it matter?

We believe that if you love data and depend on reliable IT, you’re obligated to love security and have robust protection strategies to rely on too. Having the right insight is what that success is built on. We’re data people — and we know our clients depend on their IT. So, for us, offering leading security measures is a labor of love that extends beyond our clients and into our communities and the organizations that support them.

Delivering unbeatable security for data centers is a never-ending process of education, iteration and collaboration based on new compliance requirements, new uptime demands and more. The world is constantly learning and adapting as threats do the same, and sometimes it takes a village — or even just the right partner — to win. Nobody can claim to be able to avert threats entirely, and sure, the global community may never be able to achieve that. But knowing that experts are out there keeping us and our data safe helps us (and our clients) sleep easier at night — and nothing is quite as reassuring as being lucky enough to have that kind of deep expertise right here on our very own Stream team

We’ll leave you with this to consider: All data centers (hopefully) have security professionals… but do they have a Chris? 

Didn’t think so. 

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