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The Top 4 Advantages of Private Data Centers

The Top 4 Advantages of Private Data Centers

“Cloud computing” is no longer a buzzword – it’s an accepted best practice for businesses of all sizes and industries. According to the 2018 “State of the Cloud” survey, 96 percent of organizations now use the cloud in some capacity.

There are multiple ways to deploy resources in the cloud: public, private and hybrid.

  • With public clouds, a third-party “cloud provider” owns and runs the physical infrastructure such as servers and storage devices, and then delivers the cloud services to users over the internet or direct connections.
  • Private clouds, hosted in private data centers, consist of infrastructure that is used exclusively by a single organization, providing greater control over operations.
  • The term “hybrid cloud” refers to a strategy of combining public and private clouds in order to get the benefits of both options.

Seventy-five percent of organizations have adopted the private cloud in some fashion. Below, we’ll discuss the top 4 reasons that organizations choose private cloud in private data centers.

1. Security

Using the private cloud gives you dedicated infrastructure with protected access, with more agility to make the right choices in terms of access, compliance and physical protection. With the right protocols, compliance and security software, your data and intellectual property can be as or more secure in a remote private data center or private data center suite, as if it were located on-premises.

In our brief, Cybersecurity: It’s More than Just Technology, learn more about how you can prevent technology breaches no one talks about.

2. Expense

Public clouds are convenient, but the usage fees can be substantial depending on the services that you require. Meanwhile, owning and operating an on-site data center is also quite expensive, and often a drain on capital resources: you need to maintain a management team, and pay to maintain security and upgrade infrastructure on a regular basis.

A private data center suite, inside a multi-tenant data center represents a happy median between these two choices. You can receive all the benefits of moving to the cloud without having to worry about support and maintenance and have the ability to take full advantage of a hybrid cloud solution. This is especially attractive for organizations that want to optimize their budgets and minimize capital expenses.

3. Compliance

Businesses in highly regulated industries such as healthcare and finance may need to take extra care to protect the sensitive and confidential information that they handle through specific compliance protocols. However, using the public cloud may require these organizations to relinquish some degree of control over these decisions.

Depending on the industry and the type of data, not all organizations may be able to upload all of their information into a public cloud. By using a private data center, these organizations can ensure that they securely store and transfer information and comply with all applicable regulations.

4. Reliance on IT

If you’ve been using a privately-owned on-site data center but you’re curious about migrating to the cloud, then a private cloud in a private data center may be the best solution for you. In a private data center, you’ll have dedicated infrastructure, and all of the same resources available with an on-site data center so that you can perform personalized management functions that your business requires.

An on-site data center may not make sense for you if you’re heavily dependent on IT and have a distributed workforce in different locations. Switching to private data center will allow you to keep your company’s footprint small while leveraging the benefits of the cloud.

Final Thoughts

Unlike most data centers that have shared infrastructure, Stream creates a private dedicated environment for your enterprise IT footprint. To learn more about whether a private data center is the right choice for your organization, read more about the Stream cloud implementation in our latest report or contact us today.

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