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A Family that Weathers the Storm Together Stays Together

A Family that Weathers the Storm Together Stays Together

Never get Left in the Dark: What Storms Teach Us About Data Center Reliability

A data center is nothing if not dependable.

Seriously — you have mission-critical requirements, and if your data center provider can’t meet them at all times without exception, then putting your IT equipment in that facility is no better than encasing your servers in jello. The reality is that unexpected events happen and disruptions occur, and being prepared for them is of the utmost importance. Downtime and data disruption don’t just cost tenants and providers money, they sacrifice customer trust — and that’s a commodity nobody can afford to lose.

Uncertainties are unavoidable, but the data center should be the exception to that rule of unpredictability. Winter weather events like Texas’s Storm Uri are reminders of critical infrastructure’s importance — but they also show us that a carefully chosen data center provider really can help you achieve the level of service reliability and resilience you need in an always-on world.

blog tx strong - A Family that Weathers the Storm Together Stays TogetherData centers are a first (and primary) line of defense for many organizations during circumstances like these, and at Stream, letting our customers down is not even close to an option. We take our duties as your IT guardians very seriously. That’s why we’re glad to report that service delivery across all Stream’s Texas facilities — Dallas (Garland), Houston (The Woodlands) and San Antonio (Westover Hills) — remained fully intact and uninterrupted throughout the storm.

Of course, talking about uptime is easy, but truly delivering it takes a lot of forethought. For Stream, uptime and reliable services are a product of meticulous planning and a highly prepared team (with built-in redundancies) that can spring into action whenever and wherever it’s needed. Not only do we run mock drills on a monthly basis to ensure all our preparatory bases are covered, we also have supplies in place just in case teams need to stay on-site to ensure optimal disaster recovery.

Something unique that we do to add reliability is never letting our fuel tanks dip below a certain capacity — we keep them at 75-90 percent full so that we can abide by our SLAs even if a winter storm hits and refuels aren’t an option. Much of the industry designs for a 24-hour run time in their SLAs; we stay prepared for double that time. Plus, at Stream, we believe keeping customers and suppliers informed is all part of ensuring nobody gets left in the dark, which means ongoing updates for added preparation and reassurance.

If a data center provider doesn’t look out for its own people, it sure can’t look after its customers to the best of its ability. This is why we focus on taking care of our team so that they can take care of you. It’s a holistic approach to support that ensures we’re delivering reliable service without compromise. Furthermore, it’s a promise we carry with us so you can always trust, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that even if the world throws its toughest challenges your way, you’ll have a partner supporting you at every step.

We demonstrated this philosophy during Storm Uri when staff members volunteered to visit the homes of impacted team members, helping to remediate damage caused by frozen pipes and other weather repercussions. Stream’s Support Foundation was also made available to all personnel, helping pay the hotel expenses for team members that experienced extended power outages at their residences.

We know the value of a safe haven and the peace of mind it provides — and we know the difference it makes to you, your IT and your business when you can have that in a data center. We all wish we had a crystal ball so we could see the future before it gets here, but having the right data center partner on your side is the next best thing.

To learn more about how you can develop a disaster recovery plan for your critical environments, download our whitepaper here.

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