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As the world increasingly practices social distancing and self-isolation in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, employee demand for remote work applications has climbed sharply. In return, this has led to much speculation in the media as to whether the “internet will break” as a growing number of individuals turn to the public internet to access work emails and cloud services. Though the end to the COVID-19 outbreak cannot come fast enough, this is nonetheless a wake-up call to business leaders across America of the importance of colocation and network/cloud connectivity – two key components in any business continuity strategy.

Pandemic Lockdowns Are Shifting Traffic from Tier 1 to Tier 2 Market and Beyond
In recent days, networks across America have not only been experiencing increased congestion, but also a shift in traffic patterns. Datacenter Knowledge reports that “predictably, internet traffic in city centers has dropped dramatically, while traffic in the suburbs has gone up.” Instead of accessing vital cloud-native applications from work or educational institutions, adults and children are now obliged to do so from home. Simultaneously, cloud-based virtual meeting platforms are in high demand and have so far been mostly able to accommodate the uptick in simultaneous users. The real question, though, is how?

The answer lies in the data center industry, which is key to keeping the connectivity services we all need right now up and running. From vital healthcare data to virtual staff meetings and distance learning, network uptime is a necessity. The shift of data traffic away from the metropolitan markets to the Tier 2 and 3 zones is also underscoring trends that were already in the making before the pandemic – the rise of distributed network architectures and the importance of placing cloud services as close as possible to end-users. Going back to virtual meetings platforms, priorities are bandwidth and getting as close to the customer as possible with optimum latency and performance.

Data Centers: Connectivity Hubs with Direct, Low Latency Connections Business Need to Stay Running
At Stream, we have always been about planning ahead and improving our customers’ data center experiences through exceptional people and service. For us, when it comes to being prepared for adverse situations, the question has always been not “if” but “when.” So as a result, we and our industry peers are able to stand strong now for those businesses that rely on bandwidth-intensive cloud-based services as well as the providers that deliver them.

For years now, we have been investing in a wide range of data center products in Tier 2 and 3 markets beyond the metropolitan core. We’ve also been partnering with a range of cloud providers, Tier 1 network operators, dark fiber providers and cloud enablers. This enables business and service providers to meet in locations that make sense, avoiding the latency penalties and high costs of long-haul network transport. Seeing the toll the current pandemic is taking on businesses across the country, we are eager to offer immediate availability for in Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Minneapolis, Phoenix and San Antonio. If you need a speedy upgrade or a completely new turnkey data center deployment, we’re here to help.

We at Stream Data Centers wish everyone well during this unprecedented time of global anxiety and uncertainty.  We will continue to take every step possible to ensure our team members and facilities are able to safely and securely serve the critical systems our customers have placed in our care.  Sincere thanks to our people, our customers and the Uptime Institute for their ongoing professionalism and collaboration—we are stronger as an industry when we share learnings and best practices.

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