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What Drives Stream Data Centers?

What Drives Stream Data Centers?
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“At Stream Data Centers, our clients are our business,” says Michael Lahoud, senior vice president of technology services. In this video, Michael takes viewers on a tour of SDC, and highlights the core values of Stream’s data centers and how each data center is built. Some of these include: guaranteeing secure, private infrastructures, ensuring uptime performance transparency, and putting minds at ease with Leed Silver Certified facilities. “When a client deploys their critical IT environment in our building, we know the responsibility that comes with that.”

Watch the video for additional insight about how SDC can work with you to keep your company’s information safe and secure.

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Michael Lahoud

Co-Managing Partner & Chief Operating Officer
Michael drives and implements Stream’s overall business strategies and technical go-to-market offerings, with responsibility for site development, design and construction, supply chain and operations. Read More